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Dying Fetus > Make Them Beg for Death > Reviews > AxlFuckingRose
Dying Fetus - Make Them Beg for Death

Album of the Year Worthy - 95%

AxlFuckingRose, February 11th, 2024

Dying Fetus is building a resume that would put them at the very top of extreme metal’s greatest bands, and Make Them Beg for Death is a statement piece for the band in terms of both longevity and quality. Has there ever been a death metal band that sounds this enraged, hungry, and inspired after almost thirty years? The passion that is woven into this album from the get-go, on “Enlighten Through Agony,” is more palpable than any other death metal band in the world right now. The groovy guitars in the track’s main riff are about as memorable as you’ll find in the genre, and it’s one of those guitar performances that’s an instant classic.

MTBfD is hardly an album that lets up, though. “Compulsion for Cruelty” rips through some chromatics before John Gallagher’s gruesome death growls tears the song apart. The most impressive aspect of Dying Fetus’s music is that they know exactly how much of each ingredient to add. The chemistry between the vocals and the guitar riffs is incredible, but the band knows exactly when to let the guitars take over versus when to let Gallagher get wild. The drumming has this quality, too, with some of the blast beat sections overtaking the driver’s seat. “Feast of Ashes” and “Throw Them in the Van” follow this formula just as well, but arguably with catchier riffs and even better songwriting.

What makes this album standout as an impressive album and not just an impressive album for the band’s age, though, is that the guitar work is truly innovative for the brand of grindcore-laced brutal death metal that Dying Fetus both popularized and pioneered. There isn’t an errant riff to be found on this project and the vast majority of them are insanely catchy. And while this record packs the hits in on the A-side, “Undulating Carnage” is a much-needed refresher down the B-side that recaptures the aggressive energy that DF came out of the gate swinging with.

The fact that Dying Fetus put out arguably their best album eight albums in is a testament to how strong their overall discography is and how creative the band truly is. There is no resting on their laurels with these guys; every song is attacked with the youthful angst that made brutal death metal so exuberant to begin with. And when the band decides to slow things down, it’s not at the expense of quality, as the slow-chugging riffs are just as solid and well-assembled. Here’s to Dying Fetus putting brutal death metal on their back for another decade.