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yar, August 7th, 2007

Anybody that calls themselves a death metal fan will find it hard to deny that the GALLAGHER/VOYLES/NETHETON/TALLEY era DYING FETUS was one of the strongest USDM bands of the late 90s. Although DESTROY THE OPPOSITION exceeded this album in both technical prowess and sales, KILLING ON ADRENILEN displays a more unique death metal style and has more consistently great songs.

Before I talk about how much this album rules my ass-pipe I must bring attention to one of the unique aspects of this album that are often ignored, THE HIP-HOP INFLUENCE! In a recent influence with Metal Maniacs, John Gallagher mentioned how his interest in early hip-hop groups like NWA sneaked into the music of DYING FETUS. So for you hip-hop hating death metal fans I say listen to the title track of this album, it sounds like suffocation raping the Beastie Boys, sorry. The other unique aspect of this band at the time was Jason Netherton's socially conscience lyrics, talking about the link between consumerism and anonymous sex is truly an anomaly for death-grind.

Fear not hip-hop haters! There is enough technical brutality to keep everyone happy. The title track immediately pulls you in with a catchy grinding riff that moves into a bouncy verse. From the start there is no denying the talent, he compliments every riff perfectly and his fills are absolutely mind boggling. The song ends with a killer afore mentioned Beastie Boy styled vocal trade off with F-BOMBS galore!

“Procreate the Malformed” leans more toward the hardcore influence but still has bouncy grooves. There is more time changes than the previous track and Gallagher’s ultra fast solos really shine in this song and the last riff is FUUUUUCKIN’ heavy.

“Fornication Terrorists” is my favorite song on the album it represents all that was great about DYING FETUS. The death metal technicality is mixed flawlessly with the hip-hop groove and the hardcore attitude. All four musicians shine on the song and Netherton unleashes his socialist views, lyrically this is the most politically upfront song. There is also a tasty melodic black metal tremolo riff to make the track extra memorable.

The other tracks are also excellent but I think you all understand how much this album rips. “Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog” is a short grind tune that is always good for a laugh(it's great that these guys didn’t take themselves TOO seriously). The final track “Intentional Manslaughter” may be the most hip-hop influenced song, brutality never mixed with bounce so well.