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Best Dying Fetus Release. - 100%

sacrificial_curse, April 7th, 2008

I believe that Dying Fetus is one of the greatest death metal bands that there is. They have elements of more than just chug, chug, chug, death! They incorporate slow and fast parts, with difficult solos, drum parts, and deep, guttural vocals. I saw them once, and they put on an amazing show. They opened up for Cannibal Corpse and Necrophagist. Every band at that show was awesome, but I think they were one of the best. Kill Your Mother / Rape Your Dog is a classic track. Even though it is short, it is still very well put together, and well played.

The guitars on this CD are perfectly in tune, and no mistakes are made on the recordings. The riffs are difficult and the solos are intense and charging. Their songs are composed of many different parts/riffs. Just remembering them takes skill, let alone, singing while playing them.

The drums are pounding. They are a relentless source of energy for the songs. The piccolo snare cuts through the mix and gives you that real "Dying Fetus" sound. Every drum is recognizable, and the bass drum is clear and powerful. The drums are played very well, and with enough diversity and skill to keep your attention throughout the album.

Dying Fetus' vocals are always guttural. They keep it interesting by adding high pitched vocals by themselves, and over the top of the lows. The lyrics aren't what I had expected when I first read them, but then I realized that they just sing about whatever they want, and they can do that and not lose any fans, because they are an amazing band.

I give this album a 100 because it is simply astonishing. Everything sounds great and the songs obviously weren't just thrown together for the release. Dying Fetus is a great band for anyone who likes heavy, deep, and cool.