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The Fetus Starts To Take Its True Form - 95%

mouthfulofhate, March 27th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2011, CD, Relapse Records (Digipak, Limited edition)

While 1996's "Purification Through Violence" was a bit of a mess, "Killing on Adrenaline" is far more refined and mature. The production here, while not perfect, is still leagues better than it was on the former and the lyrics have also stepped up. Go check out the lyrics to "Skull Fucked" from "Purification Through Violence" and then look at the lyrics to "We Are Your Enemy" on this album. They are still nothing of class but are far less cringe-inducing. The lyrics here are politically-driven and angry in a way that sounds intelligent and nuanced, which makes the songs much more enjoyable to listen to.

The album opens with the title track, "Killing on Adrenaline". For those that are new to Dying Fetus, I'd say that this is a good first track to listen to from them. It gives you a full taste of the band. You will hear: the dual vocals of John Gallagher's insanely low, dog-barking growl alongside Jason Netherton's piercing highs, the obnoxiously vulgar lyrics, the technical riffing, the breakdowns and the hook-laden song structures. It is truly a great song.

Other stand-out tracks are: "Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog", a mini-anthem for all us death metal fans that get shit on by those that do not understand what this music is all about, "Absolute Defiance", for its catchy, groovy opening section that leads to more sweet breakdowns, "Judgement Day" this is a cover of a song by Integrity that is done so well that it sounds like it could have been a Fetus original, and "Intentional Manslaughter", this song closes the album with some of the best breakdown riffs these guys have here.

If you're a fan of brutal death metal, particularly tech death, then check out Dying Fetus! But I'd recommend that you start with the follow-up to this album, "Destroy The Opposition" first. Then come back to this one and revel in all its extreme glory.