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Dying Fetus...almost at their peak - 90%

kd, May 8th, 2004

This album is a sonic, rape-like assault. Especially when you consider the fact that is was released in 1997/1997, it's insane. Kevin Talley's first album with the band, upon joining, he gave them new life. Classic Dying Fetus (the first two albums) was built mainly on mid-paced groove, with only a few songs on pure blastality (1997 and after). The riffs are very good, while not as heavy as early Fetus, they are a little melodic. The vocals are still the same as early Fetus screamed and "sick" guttural vocals. I can't stress the Kevin Talley presence enough on this album, because as I said before, he gave this band new life with his blasting and ultra-tech fills, which enabled the band to take their songs well over five minutes without boring the listener like song bands. Also: They get points for being the biggest Maryland DM band ever! Get this album and don't even think about getting STOP AT, I mean Stop at Nothing.