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My Least Favorite Dying Fetus Album - 73%

PKendall317, July 20th, 2011

"Killing on Adrenaline" is the album that introduced me and initially turned me off to Dying Fetus. Out of all the Dying Fetus album's I own, this is easily the worst one and is my least favorite.

Musically the band does a good job on "Killing on Adrenaline," and I don't really have a problem with it. The guitars at times play a slow and somewhat technical style like on "Procreate the Malformed," and "Absolute Defiance." Other times they play faster, more grind sounding riffs like on "Fornication Terrorist," "Intentional Manslaughter," and "Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog." The band is good at varying how they compose their music, which sounds like a mix of some tech death, grindcore, and a teeny tiny bit of hip-hop.

The hip-hop influence can be seen throughout this, and other Dying Fetus releases, and really isn't enough to attach the "wigger" label to John Gallagher. As far as "Killing on Adrenaline" goes, the tracks "Judgement Day," "Killing on Adrenaline," and others have a miniscule amount of a hip-hop influence. Not just in the instrumentation, but to a certan extent the delivery style of John Gallagher. John Gallaghers guttural, animal like growls are what you'd expect from a death metal vocalist. But to a very small extent, it almost, almost being the keyword, sounds like the lyrics are being rapped, but not enough to accuse the band of being nu-metal or attaching the "wigger" label.

The drumming leaves much to be desired on this album. The drumming is best during the album's faster moments, like on the opening track. During the slower moments, it almost seems as if Kevin Talley's talent is wasted. Also, due to the album's horrible production, the drumming is almost inaudible at times, and the bass might as well not even be on the album. The production is simply awful, and comes damn near close to making the album unbearable to listen to. But even the production is only part of why I don't like the album.

It has a bland, uninspired feel to it. It's as if the band put all the work into writting the music but like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, forgot to give it a heart and soul. It sounds lifeless and boring, and lacks energy.

It's a decent release but it could've been much better than the final product turned out to be.