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Kevin Talley is the man! - 95%

Lunatic, May 14th, 2004

From album opener "Killing on Adrenaline" to the closing track "Intentional Manslaughter" my ears were pounded with ferocious, machine-like drumming (chock full of blasts, technical double bass patterns, gigantic drum fills, and groove). Kevin Talley is the man! (this album would be a 75 if the drumming wasn't this good lol) Guitar-wise, excellent, tight guitar work, with plenty of groove, melodys, and crunch. The slow break-down crunches (that would get a hardcore kid moving), the midpaced grooves, and the all out blast sections of riffwork, really show how goddamned good these axemen are. Vocals are very interesting: dual vocalists, one w/ more of a yell/mid range growls, and the other so guttural it sounds like a pig talking. The songs are all between 4-7 minutes, and there being 8 songs makes for a solid block of brutality. In addition, the songs themselves have good structure and flow like water downriver. The only downside is the production isn't the best, but bear through it....this album rules....everyone needs to check this out!