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A step up definitely but still not quite there - 74%

6CORPSE6GRINDER6, June 23rd, 2017

Dying Fetus' sophomore album is a big step up, both musically and production wise. Even if it's not the band at its prime yet, it’s a rock solid record.

In terms of composition, you can hear how better they got at sweep picking and tapping to complement the monolithic hardcore punk influenced brutal death metal riffing. Also the music in general is more memorable and expressive, more violent. They change themes more often in this album, so songs are more dynamic and less repetitive, in this case it's a good thing. Apart from that you have the band's trademark sound. Fast blast beat sections mixed with hardcore riffs thrown in here and there, and heavy breakdowns, decorated with virtuoso guitar playing techniques.

The final mix sounds so much cleaner than the featured on their anterior effort. The first thing you notice is that the ground noise is gone, everything sounds more digital without losing the contusive edge of the music; the mix is more balanced, cymbals’ level is normal and you can actually hear the bass anytime. There's an obvious improvement. Drums doesn't outshine the strings but keep being relentless and aggressive. Fills and breaks are very creative and the technique of the player is super neat. Not one single stick to the rim or a stroke out of time. Guitars’ tone is way more polished and modern, which fits perfectly with the hardcore phase of the band. Its distortion is sharp and heavy, with lots of lows because of the band's tuning which is lower than standard by far.

Summing up, while this LP marks the beginning of the band's classic sound, it's still below their best efforts; which doesn't mean it's bad at all. It shows a band improving from their past works but still not developing their full potential.