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Dying Fetus > Grotesque Impalement > Reviews > aidane154
Dying Fetus - Grotesque Impalement

Grindcore Gauntlet (3) - 76%

aidane154, February 11th, 2024

Grotesque Impalement is the first Dying Fetus song I ever heard, and it was this version from 2000, not the original version from 1993. This song is instantly recognizable, a fan favorite classic. Everyone loves "that part" at 1:20, as do I. It's filled to the brim with catchy riffs and moshable moments. My only hot take about the main event is that it's too long, it could easily have been 4 minutes or less. I had never really considered what else might be on the EP though, so let's see if it's worthwhile.

The covers are good, with one selection from Baphomet and one from Next Step Up. Streaks of Blood is certainly not bad, but ranks below the far catchier Next Step Up cover for me. I think something is lost in translation with the Baphomet cover, they didn't add in the eerie overdub during the descending riff, and the production overall doesn't serve it as well as the original. Bringing Back the Glory is actually a lot of fun, the breakdown is very well-handled and the dual vocals lend it more personality than the singular ones on Streaks of Blood. The other original song, Tearing Inside the Womb, is not quite as classic as Grotesque Impalement but will scratch the same itch. It's clear it shares a lot of DNA with the title track, as it's from the same release, but it repeats itself a lot less, making for a tighter experience. The way they interspersed that slower main riff helps glue the song together a lot better than the title track. The comedy songs are funny only once and are better off skipped on subsequent listens.

The redone originals are great, the covers are good, and the comedy songs aren't much to write home about. This is a good introduction to Dying Fetus if you haven't heard them before, but I wouldn't go as far as to say it's essential. That being said, it's also not skip-worthy. Bdm fans will likely prefer the original versions, with their rawer sound, though modern fans might like these better. If you want to hear Dying Fetus have fun with their back catalog, perform two songs they like, and goof off at the end, this has all of that... but not more.