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nice exotic Death/Doom - 85%

peterott, July 23rd, 2004

Great Death/Doom is the game here. From a country where Metal is still banned a band emerges playing great stuff for sure.

To make the review short, I would compare them to the following bands:
very old Monumentum (Split w. Rotting Christ period, but without their shitty vocals), Delirium (without the Celtic Frost incluences, but atmosphere, sound and vox are comparable) and a good dose of Catacomb (FRA) - In The maze Of Kadath EP, which is also one of these totally underrated Death/Doom bands. Tck 4 "Await" being the total highlight, a 110 points song, with some of the best guitar parts inbetween the chorus and the verses.

People adoring these releases will also freak out on Dusk. Today (23th of July 2004) this Dusk CD nearly isn't available anymore. Just Legion Of Death carries it, and probably the Drakkar mailorder catalogue and Mirquidi Prod stil have a copy left. Sadly, this shows how undergound this band still is, but they deserve to have more attention from Death/Doom-fans.