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Cold Slavic art - 93%

mutiilator, May 9th, 2004

Unrelentless melodic black metal from Ukranian band, Dub Buk. The band performs with the ferocity of fellow countrymen, Nokturnal Mortum, and the brutality of Lucifugum. The Slavic influence holds strong on most bands from the Ukraine, and Dub Buk are no exception. The music is utterly fast, and wickedly melodic, utilizing keys for suport, and folk-esque sounds sparingly, to add a cold, northern atmosphere to the music, without comprimising the overall evilness. The screams are excellent, and Sataroth of NM contributes with clean vocals on the third track, Wsjeboze. A lot of the bands coming out of the region are beginning to sound alike, which may pose a problem for future prospective groups, but for now Dub Buk doesn't quit - one listen and you'll understand. The NS tendencies run amok in the area too, which is overdone these days and getting kind of lame. Unless you speak the language, whatever messages may exist are not conveyed, so the music isn't weakened by childish rants. Good, worthwhile stuff!