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Dry Insides - Crawl Back - 86%

TexanCycoThrasher, January 11th, 2018

Dry Insides is a peculiar band. Every tape they release their sound shifts and mutates a bit, always with the Raw Black Metal/Punk at the base. Out of the most recent trio of tapes I’m most familiar with, Crawl Back deviates the farthest.

Crawl Back served as my introduction to Dry Insides on the latter half of 2014, this tape came apart of a Youth Attack drop, I didn’t cop it then, but thanks to the On The Board blogspot I was able to listen to it. In it was a short, psyched out black metal journey. Each of the songs was stripped down to a single riff per song, with tortured moans piercing over the mess of the music. As each song progressed, more effects were added into the guitar (most likely a flanger petal) adding in the “psychedelic” effect to the music. This sort of delivery sort of reminds me of “Souvenirs” and some of the other more recent efforts by Sweden’s Brainbombs (sans the psychotic spoken word vocals). It’s an interesting take, mixing the already stripped down, noisy style Dry Insides has and mixing it with Psyched out Noise Rock.

Its a good EP, the real standout is the first track “Late At Night”, the style they were aiming for lands the best on this track, where the other two feel a little more ham-fisted. Out of the three tapes by Dry Insides I’ve listened to this one the most, and it has probably gotten the most air time out of the three. The follow up “Doorway” from 2015 is probably my favorite of the three, but Crawl Back is an interesting exercise in experimentation.