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Murdergoat/Drunemeton/Aryanas - 30%

Satanic_Warmonger, September 9th, 2006

I feel the need to review this awful garbage of a split for no reason other than wanting to warn others against it rather than ignite further flames between the 3 bands on the split. But I probably will because this stuff is outright awful so whatever.

Murdergoat - The first track is a recording of a German anthem/battle song with added singing to the song in German. This is really not that impressive. It just gives you the hope that this will be a good opening to the Murdergoat portion. Track 2 comes on, your hopes are high, BUT... Well, its really a disappointing moment for ANYONE who has ever listened to Spear of Longinus before, I say this because its a total copy of "Nazi Occult Metal" riffs and drums and even the sound clips. You can even tell that this stuff wasnt recorded the whole way thru, its actually looped! Yes, LOOPED! The chorus riff is recorded, the bridge, etc, and each part is then looped, do I need to say more?

Murdergoat summary:
1. A Intro that isnt that bad.
2. Total rip-off of Spear of Longinus track, "Nazi Occult Metal", not to mention you can tell its looped.


Drunemeton (WMSD at this time) - Since I am the sole creator of all Drunemeton music I really shouldnt say much about my portion of the split, thats just silly. I will however give my feelings about that time. Each track is quite simple, done only with a distorted 4 string bass, tuned to standard E and amplified by a poor sounding 20 watt Hartke bass amp, and a drum machine done manually rather than programmed ahead of time. So you can tell that during this time I really did not have the correct funding but I did have quite a bit of inspiration, apparently enough to record more original tracks than Murdergoat's rip-off of Spear of Longinus. So anyways, in my opinion my tracks were decent and a highlight of the split, not a highlight in the sense that, "Oh wow, this guy is a genius.", but more in the sense of, "Its original but not impressive.". My tracks on this have a really thin sound, the riffs did not undergo a long writing process, in fact, the main riff is the only thing written, and even then there really isn't much of a main riff, the rest is just improvised and later drums put to it. The Von cover is a decent one, I would prefer it re-done however, but at the time none of this mattered.

Drunemeton summary:
1. Original but at the same time, a hint of Von, Mayhem, and Bathory.
2. Not much for instruments, just a distorted bass along with a drum machine.

Aryanas - This portion of the split has some rather good music, a bit too happy and folkish for my liking, not the way I would do NSBM but whatever. Lets just say the music is good, even better if you are into folkish NSBM with corny lyrics. The only thing I can say that is bad about this part of the split was the vocals, they are seriously annoying and are more along the lines of a Oi, Hatecore, RAC type of band rather than what Aryanas actually plays. So it is better to talk about the music more, especially in terms of instruments, Aryanas it seems went to great lengths to use some interesting instruments, some sort of whistle thing, a tin whistle I think I remember him saying, it comes in during one of the intros, the second track I believe, its really nice and pretty sounding. Aside from my own stuff on this split, Aryanas is also worth checking out, its not that original but its the kind that will make you think, "He has a good idea about how music is made." Just keep in mind that the vocals are quite annoying and really ruin the music.

Aryanas summary:
1. Annoying vocals
2. Nice sounding music with some folkish type sounds going on.

Right after the split we all came to hate each other very quickly, about 2 days afterwards. Stay away from this split, its not worth getting, it practically has a curse on it.