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Superb - 97%

skywards, December 21st, 2007

This being my favorite Drudkh album they have released and maybe even my favorite in the genre of the black metal. It is necessary to review this album, because of its sheer beauty, and its originality in which it has injected into the style. Setting it out from the crowd and into the forefront of the European black metal scene.

The first thing I noticed when I fist listened to Autumn Aurora was the stunning synths, which I would say are some of the best I have heard. They feel so over powering, taking your mind into a trance throughout the whole length of the album.

The synths give the music an organic feel, making it sound natural and fresh. With enough room in the production for each instrument to breath and to be appreciated. With all the guitars, drums and synths to be heard, although the bass seems to be almost impossible to hear with all the layers over it.

With this, the music brings to you a scene of forests, lakes and mountains, just as autumn begins. With leaves turning brown and the fresh autumn wind. This is pretty much unlike any other album. An album, which can set a mood and a scene, so vividly even the album cover seems to be so reflective of the music contained. On the last track titled 'The First Snow', it has a completely different atmosphere, feeling much colder, almost as if the song represents the ending of autumn into winter.

The drums throughout Autumn Aurora are also pretty impressive, enhancing the overall atmosphere and sound. An example of this is at the beginning of 'Summoning The Rain' when the drummer uses the toms abundantly, contributing to the atmosphere immensely and really helping the feeling of autumn landscapes to come though. Although in some parts of Autumn Aurora with the drums blast beats do occur, but they sound well placed. Like in ‘Sunwheel’ where they feel so powerful and skillfully played, just showing how if a band comes together with all the elements of one feeling, in this case autumn, they can create such an album like this.

Well, finally onto the vocals. Well simply they fit the music and atmosphere perfectly, having a certain amount of echo, which to say the least sound superb. The vocals also have the right amount of presence, not getting in the way of the guitars or synths. But simply enhancing the overall sound at times.

Overall, what can I say, this album is a superb listen and if you are looking for atmosphere-it has it in abundance and the skills in all areas to match. From the drums and synths. To the guitars and vocals. This band is superb and so is this album. Simply a must buy for black metal and would be my first choice for a person who has never listened to Drudkh. Trust me-you won’t be disappointed.