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A great follow-up - 96%

meedley_meedley, August 29th, 2005

The follow up to their debut Forgotten Fields is truly amazing. They used many new thing here as well as retaining many aspects of their first album. There's a couple more tracks this time and it's a bit longer. The sound, although similar in terms of ambience and atmosphere, it a little crunchier than the last, the drums are a little easier to hear, whereas when it came time to play fast before, it was hard to hear sometimes. The only reason that this isnt as good as the debut, is basically the music. Everything sounds better, but the songs dont have that epic vibe as much, whereas before every song was epic. I like to think of Drudkh's albums as times of the day. Forgotten Fields was like during the night in the forest, whereas Autumn Aurora is the next morning, with dusk falling upon the forest and eventually the sun coming up.

Nonetheless, opener Fading is some beautiful acoustic work which seems to take place in a forest.

This moves to Summoning the Rain, which definitly not Drudkh's best song ever, it's more of a average piece, but by their standards, it's still great. There's nothing truly different that the band hasnt dont before, maybe the reason the song is not the best is due to over repetition. Since the riffs are not as memorable, it seems like the song just keeps going. Good song otherwise.

Glare of Autumn is a bit long, and is again a kind of average song overall. It has it's moments but nothing too spectacular. Good song anyway, because Drudkh can do no wrong.

Sunwheel is an interesting song. It's an upbeat black metal song... heh. but since this is a rarity, when the vocals come in, it seems like something's off. But when you think about it, the vocals are used more like another instrument than anything else. The atmosphere given off is most original and something no other band has done, or done since. I truly think of the warm morning sun rising on a cool autumn day. There's a solo too, which is definitly fitting in this song.

Wind of the Night Forests is great. I like to imagine that it is now late-Fall and it's getting colder. But not winter yet. This may be the best song here, mostly because it is the most ferocious, which is probably the best word to describe it. This would have fit perfectly on FF, thats how atmospheric it is. The guitar tone even sounds like a small choir at times, which I find remarkable.

Since I've been describing times of the day and year, We reach the end of the album The First Snow, so it's obviously now winter, or close to. Drudkh hit the mark on this one. Even if I didnt know the title of the song, I still wouldve imagined a forest being blanketed by snow, and blizzard even. This is probably the darkest song here, highly contrast to Sunwheel. The use of the acoustic guitar is very well placed.

This is a truly great experience. I recommend this to everyone. I dont care what you listen to. That was probably the best way to close such a great album. It's also a good idea to listen to all of Drudkh's albums in consecutive order. Ive done it, and it's a greater feeling than just listening to one album at a time.