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Gorgeous. - 92%

caspian, April 21st, 2007

Forest-y BM is fraught with dangers, but when done right it can be pretty great. I'd nominate this record along with Bergtatt as an example of what happens when it's actually pulled off.

Drudkh play a very repetitive style of black metal, with heaps of buzzy, simplistic riffing. The production is definitely worth a mention here. The guitars are really distorted, but there's still enough clarity, the vocals are buried in the mix nice and good, and the drums sound really freaking awesome... Just completely appropriate for the style of music. Another bonus is the great layering of the synths, and some well places, way down in the mix acoustic, which sounds really freaking cool.

It's pretty easy to describe these songs. For the most part, these songs are long, repetitive black metal dirges, but that doesn't mean they get remotely boring. THe riffs are always excellent, and everything has been very well structured. Drudkh manage to keep you interested, whether it's with an acoustic breakdown, a ripping guitar solo, or just a great change in riff. Songs like Glare of Autumn and Wind of the Night Forests are both around 10 minutes, but I wish they were longer, especially Night Forests, which has one of the greatest riffs ever (the ending riff). It's hard to think of a song as moving as Wind of the Night Forests.

Drudkh do mix it up a bit though, which is good. Sunwheel is more upbeat, and in a major key, which is pretty odd for a Black Metal band. Still, it works really well, and I hope they do it in other albums. It eventually switches to a more depressing feel, but it definitely works well for the song. The First Snow is also a bit of an oddity. It's an ambient track, with lots of acoustic guitars, synths and some distorted guitars supplying some background noise. It definitely shows Drudkh's skills- in most other bands, this kind of track would be terrible- but while it's decent, it's a pretty anticlimatic way to end the album. Oh well. It would've been good to swap Wind of the Night Forests with The First Snow, but you can get everything, I guess.

Still, if the worse thing I can say is that "The album should have a slightly different Track order", then you know it's a pretty damn good album. This will definitely appeal to BM fans, but I can see most people getting into this. Post-Rock and Ambient fans will probably dig this too. Dirgey, Repetitive, and totally Beautiful.. What more could you ask for in an album?