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One of The Best Atmospheres - 92%

blacknumenorean, December 16th, 2008

This was the first album I had heard from Drudkh, having stumbled upon their name on some forum. When I saw the album cover and title, I was a little skeptical. However, the first listen blew me away entirely.

Autumn Aurora tells how summer fades and autumn comes, until it fades again into the cold, harsh winter. An amazing thing about Autumn Aurora is that the song titles are represented perfectly in the actual songs. For example, Summoning the Rain actually creates the feeling and atmosphere as rain falls from the heavens and thunder booms in the background.

A very big surprise to me on my first listen was Sunwheel, which sounds joyful and happy for black metal, and I'm sure everyone else has had and will have the same experience. It takes a while to get used to;nonetheless, this track is beautiful and it will elevate you to another place and time. However, this joyful feeling cannot last forever and autumn's last days come to a close. Wind of the Night Forests wraps up autumn with the coming of fierce winds and cold nights. This song is pretty dark and it has an awesome solo about halfway through. The First Snow tops it off with a dark ambient feel that signals the beginning of winter.

Overall, all the instruments flow together perfectly. The riffs are catchy, the drums sound very natural, the vocals are quite good and fit in well with the rest of the instruments. The synth work is heard mostly on Glare of Autumn and The First Snow and it creates some of the best moods and images.

My favorite thing about this album is how the songs transition into each other. For example, listen to the Glare of Autumn. It starts of with a melancholy riff, and by the end of the track, an uplifting riff is playing. Then Sunwheel starts, which is very uplifting. Also, Sunwheel's mood gets darker at the end of the song for its transition into Wind of the Night Forests.

This album has great replay value and I recommend listening to it when its raining. It also helps if its Autumn. :)

I highly recommend this album to any black metal fan.