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Brilliant Natural Black Metal - 100%

Vor, November 28th, 2004

Drudkh is yet another one of Ukraine's great gems, comprised of Hate Forest members. Knowing the atmosphere one recieves from a band like Hate Forest, I knew I was in for quite a treat when I found out about Autumn Aurora. This is black metal that represents the glory of nature and it's strength over the terrors of mankind. Just looking at the cover artwork will let you know that this is something for those into nature, and the music does not fall short of perfection to express that entity.
The album begins with beautiful nature sounds and an acoustic intro before breaking into magnificent and epic black metal that is shockingly emotional, giving the listener a wonderful feeling as being one with nature. The highlight of the album is definately the opus entitled "Glare of Autumn" which really moves me each time I listen to it. The beauty the song gives off is unmatched from anything else I've heard. It begins with simple acoustics and more nature sounds before bursting into an undescribable riff that lets out sheer joy while continuing to express the power of nature. One can imagine standing alone on a beautiful rich meadow with the sun shining brightly on the vast landscape around them while listening to the song. It is completely instrumental which is good because the song needs no words to express its great beauty.
The vocals are used very sparingly throughout the album but work effectively. They are not that low monstrous tone one would expect from Hate Forest, but more of a classic black metal rasp that fits the music perfectly. Guitars are simple yet carry the message across with their powerful simplicity one might expect from an album such as Burzum's Filosofem. The production is raw but at the same time very listenable. Even though it is raw, it sets a very thick and rich atmosphere to the music. Everything is perfect about this album. A definate must have for the natural black metal fans.