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Slavonic Heathen Elite - 95%

Valmor, January 2nd, 2007

From the slavonic forestlands accompanied with tales of autumn’s beauty, enter Drudkh! Second effort from this ukrainian heathen trio and it is strongly successful! Ignore the weak, who complain of the sound, for the sound is perfect and big part for the atmosphere. Also ignore the blind who complain that “Hate Forest was NSBM, Drudkh are formed by the frontman of it, so Drudkh are NSBM too!”, abolish their existence with Perun’s thunder, for Drudkh are 0% NSBM. The meaning of Drudkh’s music has nothing to do with national socialism, but it does with national romantism. Drudkh glorify their homelands and its natural beauty in their music and lyrics, and they seriosly do it well!

The album starts with a very calm intro, Fading, where birds sing and an acoustic guitar leads you to the melancholic season of autumn. Followed by pair of maybe most atmospheric and very solid songs Summoning The Rain and Glare of Autumn. Now the most famous part of the album, the track Sunwheel causes alot of arguments between the fans about its meaning. Sunwheel is a symbol that was first used in the times of stone age, the neo-nazis did not invent it. I strongly say, that the track Sunwheel glorifies the pagan meanings of sun and its other important things too. It is of course easy to accidently think that Drudkh are contuing the NSBM legacy of Hate Forest, but no they aren’t. As the sun goes down, the moon comes up. Wind of the Night Forests is a very atmospheric song and very similar to Summoning The Rain and Glare of Autumn, but this one includes a guitar solo, so nothing more of it. The last track, The First Snow, is quite avant-garde and ambientish. It is a nine minute track that repeats few chords throughout the entire song. It is played with acoustic guitar and keyboards. The acoustic guitar plays almost the same, if not the same, that it does in the intro song Fading. Anyway in its minimalistic musical, but extremely grand atmospheric way the song is a good way to end autumn and start off a cold and dark pagan winter.

This album is a true milestone and masterpiece in black metal culture and ideology. I highly recommend this album to anyone who likes atmospheric metal music and to those who have liked other Drudkh releases too, but have not yet heard this one. A fantastic album that can be listened to time after time and when you’re old and lonely you might want to grab this from ye ol’ record shelf and take a listen. Privet slavonia!