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Re-emergence Of A Dying Genre. - 82%

Perplexed_Sjel, October 7th, 2007

The formula is very much the same on Autumn Aurora as it was on Forgotten Legends. Drudkh are doing what they do best in creating an atmospheric piece of black metal music and putting their own special twist on a genre that had become quite bland before their arrival on the scene. It's unfair to suggest that Drudkh single handily turned the genre on it's head and made it better by tenfold because there are numerous bands out there that have contributed to the genre's re-emergence as a force to be reckoned with. However, Drudkh have had a hand in the matter, that much is for certain.

As previously stated, Autumn Aurora follows a set pattern Drudkh have laid down. It's all about creating an aesthetically pleasing atmospheric journey for the mind, body and soul. Considering the very fact that Drudkh have followed a set pattern may deter many people from continuing on their journey through the Drudkh pieces, but it shouldn't. Due to the short space in time between the first and second full-length's, it's easy to see why both albums could have easily been made into just the one. The same elements exist, the same concept exists and the effect is the same. Autumn Aurora is a spellbinding full-length. It uses a variety of tones and textures to create stunning soundscapes, which is again the most pleasing aspect of Drudkh's music.

Using by electric and acoustic guitars has again worked in Drudkh's favour. They blend together perfectly to create one hell of a sound. On the debut I could hear a folk undertow, and as with Forgotten Legends, I can hear it again. It comes in the form of the atmosphere created by the keys and acoustics. The mellow sections is where this idea prevails. There is a somewhat romantic feel to the music. It depicts, in terms of the images it conjures up, a perfect setting on a lovely autumn night. The wind is howling, the moon shines as bright as ever and nature sounds across the sky in the form of Drudkh's fantastic leads and unstoppable drums.

One aspect of this full-length that isn't like the last, is the vocals. They are not as predominant. They play a more subtle part and allow the music to flow. They're not restrictive as a lot of black metal vocals can be. They add depth to the atmosphere and fit into the mix quite well on the whole. However, the fact that they are not as predominant may detract from certain people's opinions of the album. In conclusion, Drudkh have conjured up an atmospheric and sometimes disheartened piece of music. The emotive feel is bound to grab the hearts and minds of a new generation of black metal listeners.