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Ukrainian Autumn - 79%

Killer_Clown, April 21st, 2012

After "Forgotten Legends' comes their second - "Autumn Aurora". In a moment people acknowledged this album as classics of Drudkh in particular and black metal in a whole. But to my mind, there's nothing special. Yes, this is a good instance of such music but nothing more than that. For example, their previous and their next releases are much better by their musical and lyrical content.

The first thing that you may pay attention to is the cover. It depicts the sorrowful autumnal time in the middle latitudes of Eastern Europe. This cover (especially the left one) really creates the special ineffable atmosphere of the moment and you anticipate the appropriate continuation on the album with pleasure.

Actually the cover to some extent conveys the purpose and the essence of "Autumn Aurora". Moreover, the cover itself captures even more than songs in here. Unfortunately, the tracks are not so capturing and alluring (as in comparison with other works) and they cannot create you a mood. It just sets you indifferent.

I do not understand people (and I doubt whether I will do understand them) who say that "Autumn Aurora" is the peak of the career or the main prosperity of Drudkh. No, obviously not. If we talk about their best we have to mention "Blood In Our Wells", "Microcosmos" but not this one. Most likely that "Autumn Aurora" is the most obscure and fortunately passed part of their glorious career.

However "Autumn Aurora" sounds approximately like their other releases - it still has its moments but it is only much more boring. Not to say that it disappointed me very much but I was not as pleased as after their first. "AA" sounds more polished than the forerunner but it does not disclose in the full extent that amount of ideas and ambitions Drudkh had for this time.

"Autumn Aurora" seems to be similar to "Forgotten Legends" in many respects. The sound is soft enough, rather slow, there are no blastbeats fortunately. Also there are many east-european folk motifs. So, the album has many common with preceding one. Almost everything was taken from "FL". But as I said above, "AA" is much more boring. And this fact can make fans happy and I still doubt how the great number of fans can consider it as classics.

To highlight: maybe the second and the third ones. They are almost flawless.