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Regal Energy - 90%

Arboreal, October 27th, 2008

Autumn Aurora is a concept album based upon the fall season. This was one of the first black metal albums I discovered since Hvis Lyset Tar Oss that really knocked my socks off and didn't plagarize that album endlessly (or Filosofem for that matter).

I must say, this one REALLY takes my mind on a journey...

Melodic, ambient keyboards abound and sit just under the guitars which creates a dazzling, haunting wall of sound. The guitars are very fuzzy and remind me of Hate Forest which makes some sense considering the ties there. The vocals are mid range growls that fit the music well and don't dominate the mix.

I really like these vocals a lot. Not too shrieky, not too croaky More like a howling, shouty wail/snarl if that conjures up something for you. Very emotive and they have an undeniable Slavic quality that actually adds some great eclectic charm to this recording!

Production is not quite as clear or punchy compared to Blood In Our Wells and some of Drudkh's more recent releases but I prefer this sound. The bass guitar is a little low but it doesn't bother me since it just seems right. Each instrument's part is very reserved in the typical black metal fashion. The guitar playing is almost always very simple and rhythmic for instance.

The drumming is solid and there isn't a whole shitload of blasting, so take that as you will. There ARE however lots of cymbals present (which I love) and occasional toms which give off a very primal feel and adds flair to the whole mood. There's still blasty bits around but they are considerably slower than your average blast tempo and have more variation in the patterns. This is great, I think metal needs way fewer blast beats in general. Can't some of these fuckers come up with an interesting, creative beat that also happens to be less than 200bpm? I didn't realize that the typewriter in my closet was a percussion instrument.

Anyway, this album does recall Hvis Lyset Tar Oss at times but that's the nature of the beast. You could pick out music Burzum sounds like, too. Kraftwerk+Thorns demos=???? But this cheapens the greatness of what Varg did and oversimplifies the issue. And comparing this with Burzum's works is not totally fair either. I just felt it should be mentioned as being a pretty significant influence.

However, Autumn Aurora defines it's own greatness by embodying gentle sunshine, cool rains, and calm forests...all with a certain yearning melancholy underneath which I can only surmise as being too beautiful to fully express.

I have to say it, I actually like Drudkh more than Burzum. Put on the headphones and play this album from beginning to end in one sitting. If you liked Hvis Lyset Tar Oss this should be virtually guaranteed to please. Regardless, just don't expect to headbang or have your balls drop from the "AwEsOmE riffz dood!!1"

A new black metal classic.