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I Eat Swans for Breakfast - 33%

oVerCaffeinated, March 24th, 2006

I hold Drudkh’s previous two albums in high regard. They weren’t anything too different or exciting but they had atmosphere. You pop “Autumn Aurora” (for the rest of the review abbreviated to “AA”) in your CD player, layback on your bed and suddenly you’re sitting up against a large tree looking over a lake covered with bright red and yellow leaves. You pop “The Swan Road” (to be abbreviated down to “SR” for the rest of the review) in you CD player and you get nothing.

As you can probably already guess SR is quite a departure from what Drudkh has done in the past. The main difference is there is more variation. Usually more variation is a good thing but in this case it is not. AA created a Trance-like state of mind with its riffs, similar to how Burzum does it, which is all but gone in SR. Instead of flowing tracks we are interrupted with short bursts of speed. This is when the vocals kick in. They are a bit more aggressive than AA which suits the faster sections.

The production also detracts from this album. It is slightly better than AA and does not have the tape-like quality of AA. Probably the most notable difference is the drumming, there’s more of it. Again this is a step in the wrong direction because the minimalist drumming on AA suited the music very well and gave the guitars more room to breath. They play around less with the kick drum on SR too, another red cross to add to the SR report. To end off this disappointing album Drudkh treat us with what sounds to be some kind of traditional Slavonic song. Very interesting but it is unfortunately tacked onto a rather uninteresting album.

The atmosphere from Drudkh is gone and what is left is another plastic disc to throw onto the pile of Black Metal albums you will never listen to again.