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Drudkh doesn't disappoint. - 95%

Nocturnal_Art, February 28th, 2006

Let me just start by saying that I can't believe I ever doubted this album. I don't understand people saying that Drudkh has lost track because they are wrong, dead wrong. The difference between this piece and the two previous releases is that Drudkh took a slightly more aggressive approach this time around. Even the vocals have increased in volume, still raspy, harsh vocal pattern, but just louder and more angry like.No, Drudkh is not playing fast, standard bland black metal. They still got that unique sound that pulls them away from all the other bands, at least that I've heard. The music here as far as guitar technicality is the same as Autumn and Forgotten, but with more frequent changes in the songs, a whole new song structure takes place here. Which is what made this album a little different. Roman keeps on switching his sound back and forth, not losing you in the process. The hypnotic riffs are not as present here, but there are still touches.

Six songs which equal about the same time of the previous albums. One thing that I did notice is what may make people believe Drudkh has changed is that is that it's not so emotion based as the great Forgotten Legends or Autumn Aurora, this one sounds more about pride and they didn't hide it in melancholic passages in this opus. You can feel the pride of their land and their surroundings wrapped around in these songs. Yet, it is still present. The solo's, which can't be forgotten to be mentioned. What you thought was great a taste in Autumn has increased much more in "The Swan Road." They pop out when you least expect it, only making your experince a much more interesting one. Acoustics sound sharp, creating a very relaxed epic vibe before it all goes back to the full force that we know Drudkh brings to the table.