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Drengskapur > Von Nebel umschlungen > Reviews
Drengskapur - Von Nebel umschlungen

More attention by the strong, please! - 98%

Wargnattallfihrr, September 1st, 2009

While a lot of the nowadays Black metal is simplistic shit, kicked out by a bunch of kids just so they can read more "Thanxxx for the add!!! Great music! Stay true!" on their MySpace pages, some serious guys creep out there in complete unawareness of the scene. This is such a band. Two members, which is good, because one of them is a drummer, are behind Drengskapur, who have the intention to release music to express black metal strength, positive solitude and the love to nature. They succeed in a brilliant way.

Although the concept does not seem to be very original nothing in here is copied or cheezy in any way. Dammit, Drengskapur are f-in ingenius on this release! Starting with a quite unsurprising acoustic-intro, they afflict the listener for only five seconds. Then the magic sets off.

After these five seconds, where the guitar jingles around a littlebit, Wintergrimm plays a melody, small and beautiful, yet very sad that takes you as its prisoner and holds you till the end of the whole album. Let me list up the words that describe this album best, where no language at all can cope with this music: melody, strength through loneliness and connection to nature, brilliant technique in drumming and riffing, melancholy and emotional vocals.

According to my list you might thing that this album may be to soft for your taste, but let me tell you, it is not. It's rolling powerful atmosphere and the heroic songwriting are unmatched. The album is a hymn to the trees, a journey to the stars and tells you of the power and the will in man in unity with his roots. You will be impressed, believe me, as I was and still am, because I never expected such a piece of outstanding art behind this concept.

I'd recommend getting the tape of "Von Nebel umschlungen", because of the very well done Judas-Iscariot-cover. The songs leaves the impression, that Akhenaten (of Judas Iscariot) only made this song to fit on THIS release right here. You'll be satisfied, trust me!