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A damn good start - 80%

ihateyou, September 5th, 2006

This is Dream Theater's first album, before they were the flag bearers of prog metal, before they had songs upwards of 20 minutes(A Change Of Seasons was partially wirtten as early as the second demo, btu was aroudn 17 minutes), before James LaBrie.

Well turns out it's pretty awesome. At this point Dream Theater is much more metal than they are progressive, which is a good thing. Basically this is what Queensryche would have sounded like if they had musicians of this caliber. This album is very different than what you think of when Dream Theater is mentioned.

For the most part this album is as progressive as it gets for 1989, which means that it still is metal. The riff is still domiant and Petrucci really knew how to riff it up at one point.

We start off with A Fortune In Lies, which is one of my favorite Dream Theater songs. It has a monster main riff and is just so metal. Status Seeker is a weak point and is very 80's cheese. Then we get the amazing Ytse Jam. This is the song that hints at what Dream Theater will do in the future. It's prog as fuck and just shows how talented these guys are. The main riff is so cool I can't even describe it. The Killing Hand is another great song, less metal than some but still very good. For the most part the album after The Killing hand is pretty much the same, all good but nothing spectacular. The exception is Afterlife, which is fast and very melodic. The chorus is just brings the song to such a climax, it works so well.

So all in all only a fraction of modern Dream Theater, but one of their more metallic releases. If you like 80's prog metal you will like this. If you are a die hard Dream Theater fan just get passed Charlie Dominici's vocals and you will like it too.