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Not as bad as the fanboys make it out to be - 89%

Wra1th1s, March 31st, 2008

Yes this album doesn't have LaBrie. Yes this album is the one with the homoerotic cover (seriously DT, what's with the cover?). And yes, this album doesn't sound like their next efforts.

Dream Theater's debut is underwhelming to the fans of the later works, although some people, i.e. me, don't think it's a blasphemy to the DT name. Yes the production is rough and the songs don't last for 13 minutes with 11 minute shred/wankfests. But it adds to the charm of the album.

First the production, in one word: Ick. The guitar tone is horrible when it's not soloing, the drums have that 80s drum sound that sounds way too poppy at times, the bass...well at least you can hear John Myung unlike later albums (Metropolis Pt.2 and on) where Myung is only there for the bass solos. About the only thing that sounds the same as Images and Words are the keyboards. Man I miss Kevin Moore, he knows that keyboards are supposed to add ATMOSPHERE. Keyword there, ATMOSPHERE! Yes he can do keyboard leads, but that is secondary to their true purpose, adding atmosphere.

The songs are very good although they don't sound like Dream Theater. DT decided to put the metal in prog metal. Thus the riffs in this record is more metal than all of their latter records combined (except the The Glass Prison and all of Awake). Just listen to "A Fortune in Lies", that is a thrash riff right there. The solos in the songs are definitely shredtastic(tm). Simply put, John Petrucci is a GOD on guitar! This album is different in that his solos are not just there for solos, they actually add to the song.

Then comes the singing, I don't understand why fanboys think Charlie Dominici is a crime against humanity. His voice fits the songs perfectly and I prefer his version of "A Fortune in Lies" over LaBrie's (LaBrie has the tendency to scream "YEAAAH!" at the end of a verse). The only song that is way off the Dream Theater course is "Status Seeker" I don't know why but it's too poppy and it's just not metal sounding. Obviously "The Ytse Jam" is a highlight and is definitely one of Dream Theater's best instrumentals, although I have a hard time differentiating the bass solo from a guitar riff because they have the same tone.

Overall, it's not a bad album. It's actually greater than some of their latter efforts. Sure there ain't no LaBrie, but that doesn't mean it's bad. The people who think he sucks are the same people who think Paul Di'Anno, John Greely etc. suck balls.

Too bad there's no re-release or anything with bonuses (unless you count When Dream and Day Reunite). This album deserves it.