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Rather Under-rated, One of Their Best - 90%

PowerProg_Adam, February 3rd, 2003

For those who like Dream Theater's heavier work should be able to enjoy this album. Its not often that a debut album can be this good. Although Charlie Dominnici's vocals may not be as enjoyable as James LaBrie's, this album all in all should be taken more seriously. Some may agree that some of the bands best songs are on this album.

A Fortune in Lies is perhaps one of Dream Theater's heaviest songs, with an amazingly powerful intro, with the usual amazing musicianship for the band. Lyrically it isn't one of the better songs, but in terms of most enjoyable, it ranks towards the top.

Status Seeker does not sound like anything that the band would do. Very well written and very catchy, almost textbook 80s metal, but certainly not one of Dream Theater's best musical perfomances.

The Ytse Jam is still a concert staple for the band today. Perhaps the heaviest instrumentals ever recorded my any of the members. This is textbook Dream Theater here, extreme technicality.

The Killing Hand's intro makes the song seem like a very soothing acoustical ballad, but after about 30 seconds, it changes into what sounds like the typical power ballad of the 80s. Pretty well written song, but not really that interesting.

Light Fuse and Get Away is probably the worst title for a song that the band could think of, but cetainly is not a bad song. John Petrucci's warp speed playing on this song makes it one of the best on the album. Its also one of the best vocal perfomances by Dominnici.

Afterlife IMO is the best song ever written by Dream Theater. Not only is it well written lyrically, but it displays some of what each member of the band does best, and that is play there instruments. Without a doubt this is one of the best solos ever for John Petrucci. With such impeccable time changes this song couldn't possibly be hated.

The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun is a bit disappointing. It takes nearly 2 minutes to get to even instrument playing. A rather annoying siren sounds thoughout the beginning of the song turning most listers off of it before the song really kicks in. It is a shame too, because, this would be a rather enjoyable song if it cut down on its time. Dream Theater has quite a few long songs, but this one doesn't seem to serve much of a purpose eventhough it isn't anywhere near the bands longest.

Only a Matter of Time is once again an amazing song, probably about 3rd best after Afterlife and Fortune in Lies. Once again it is very well written and performed magnificently. The lyrics to this show the intelligence of the band as it is truely inspiring, yet also kind of depressing, as it shows you how easily power can be obtained, yet how it can debilitate.

Don't be fooled by the pictures inside of the booklet, this album can rival images and words and awake in terms of heaviness. When Dream and Day Unite is a must have for any fan of progressive metal. It is possibly Dream Theater's most complete album.