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Excellent Start For An Amazing Band - 90%

Painkiller_2142, December 16th, 2004

Everyone should know Dream Theater are heavily influenced by “The Gods Of Prog” Rush and that influence isn’t anymore obvious than on their debut album When Dream And Day Unite. What really aids that fact is the bands singer on the record Charlie Dominici’s voice is much higher pitched and Geddy Lee like than that of DT’s most famous singer James Labrie. Even without the incredible vocals of Labrie this album is still an outstanding effort from the band and musically one of their best releases. This album has to be Keyboardist Kevin Moore’s finest moment in the band.

A Fortune In Lies - The heaviest song on the record and also one of the best. The song’s highlight has to be the instrumental section in the middle of the song leading up to the first of many amazing John Petrucci guitar solos on the record.

Status Seeker - I always wondered why so many DT fans hate this song. It has a great intro and is one of Charlie Dominici’s best vocal performances on the record. The chorus has some stupid lyrics though. “You draw the bottom line with a dollar sign”. Damn that’s almost as cheesy as a Manowar song (in case you didn’t know Manowar kicks ass).

Ytse Jam - The first DT instrumental. Many consider it to be their best but not me. Still it’s very catchy and highlights all 4 musicians near the end. John Myung’s bass solo is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen performed live in my time.

The Killing Hand - The best song on the record. Great vocals, awesome acoustic intro, catchy keyboards. Overall this is one of DT’s finest moments. Too bad Labrie can’t do the vocals nearly as good as Dominici does.

Light Fuse and Get Away - I was afraid to listen to this song when I first read the song title but it is one of the better songs on the album. Again Charlie fits perfect in the song with his voice.

Afterlife - Petrucci starts this one of with a heavy ass riff. After that we get another solid performance all around from the guys.

TOWHTSTS - Easily the worst song on the record and one of the band’s worst off all time. I will say that Petrucci again displays his talents. Other than that not much else.

Only a Matter of Time - A high note for the album to end on. Also a good finish for Charlie as it would be his last song with DT. Too bad to because he does a fine job on the record.

Overall this is a solid release with only a few complaints to it but a lot of the material is just as good as the stuff that would appear on the band’s next two and (in this reviewer’s opinion) best records. If you don’t have this album already and you’re a DT fan go get it.