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And this time they nearly pulled a 100% - 90%

kroke, September 28th, 2003

One thought: is this album too close to heaven?

I know, sometimes Dream Theater try to hard, but most of the time they keep it on the edge and manages to pull everything off just right. When they succeed, sure the world keeps spinning, but to an ordinary human - time stops!

And this time they nearly pulled a 100% and remade (according to my opinion of course) Images & Words. Most of this albums is so tight, so excellent and the riffs and beats are created with so much skill and experience that they live their own lives and tell their own stories.

Most of the songs on both discs are great, especially pieces like: "My Glass Prison", "Misunderstood", "The Great Debate" - "Solitary Shell" & "The Test That Stumped Them All". But there are some things I personally think they could have done better - like the intro on the first disc, its just noisy static! I mean sure, nice sequel to "Metropolis Pt. II" where the albums ends with the same static, but its relly just annoying...

And Im just going to pick a little on the beginning on the second disc too: the first song / the first songs: Whats this "March-band" feeling I get? These "war"-drums and Rudesess' prodigious whirlwindishlike clinking on the keyboard? By erasing this part, the seconds disc could have been perfect.

Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence contains great material and really great lyrics (although they might imply a little too much about the USA and their religion). But no matter - this is a great album!