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Dream Theater....making music of dreams. - 95%

Wicket02, August 28th, 2008

6 tracks? Of course, ti doesn't sound intimidating to pick up. In fact, I almost turned down this album because of how short it was. It's only 45 minutes! However, what's in store is where it counts.

Ever hear the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover."? Yeah, somebody told me that when I was questioning this album.

Opening this live show you get blasted by the infamous sci-fi metal of Metropolis. Even the transition in to A Fortune In Lies is good. However, those aren't the gems, but they sure start it off, (especially since it's awesome to hear LaBrie sing this, instead of Dominici's "career killing" voice at the time) along with a beautiful Surrounded. However, take a listen to Bombay Vindaloo, and suddenly Dream Theater takes you on a roller coaster of sheer metallity. Starts off slow, I know, but keep in mind, this is a JAM here. Planned, but improvised. From Portnoy's rollin' beats in the back in the beginning to Petrucci's and Moore's sheer annihilation of their respective metal tools.

Then you have to go through Another Hand / The Killing Hand. With LaBrie, this is about as metal as you can get from him. The only time where saying that LaBrie got his testes caught in a doorjam is actually a good thing in the fact that the result tears down the Marquee at the sheer awesomeness the entire band pulls out in this show.

Then of course you have Pull Me Under at the end, always a great song to end, because you always have a crowd pleaser there.

That said, this live show is not perfect because of Surrounded. I like the song, they play it wonderfully here, but seeing as I vary a lot between metal and prog rock, mostly to the metal side................meh. Doesn't matter, the album is still awesome anyway.

Highlights: Bombay Vindaloo, Another Hand / The Killing Hand, Pull Me Under