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What? This is Live?! Simply Amazing!! - 100%

PowerProg_Adam, March 20th, 2003

This must be one of the greatest live albums of all time! Dream Theater is one of the few bands I know that sounded just as good if not better live. I was sceptical about this album after I listened to Once In a Livetime which was released a few years earlier. LaBrie's voice seemed to give out rather easily and the song selection was sub-par, but here, he hits all of the notes that he had been able to hit for the earlier albums, especially the two tracks from Images and Words. I wouldn't have been surprised if this was disappointing, but DT doesn't fail too often. The instrumentation of John Myung and John Petrucci is always dead on. Portnoy improvises a bit, but he's seem to have mastered the art.

Since Scenes From a Memory happens to be one of my personal favorite albums, I thought I'd give this a shot. Not only do all of the tracks sound close to replicas of the originals with James put a new twist on some of the vocals.

Through Her Eyes is probably the real standout from the first cd. It sounds a bit sappy in the studio, but adding drums to the end of the track made it one of the premier ballads of progressive metal.

Metropolis Pt. 1 has always been one of the bands heaviest songs, and although some of their recent music has gone in a different direction, they still kick maximum ass at performing this old favorite. Myung's bass playing here is phenomenal!

The Mirror is probably the single heaviest Dream Theater track. I was really surprised that LaBrie could still hit some of the notes to this song. Fans of any type of metal are sure to love this one.

Acid Rain is a Liquid Tension Experiment track. Why shouldn't DT do it? The only member missing is Tony Levin, and I believe Myung is great enough to fill his shoes. Although its only an instrumental, it remains one of the heaviest tracks recorded by DT members.

Another Day is absolutely brillant on this album. I loved it before, and I think I might like it better on here. Some may think that saxophone doesn't make for a good metal song, but DT prove that they obviously don't care, giving the saxophonist free reign to add more of the instrument and more virtuosity to the song.

Jordan Rudess' keyboard solo doesn't need much said about it. Its proof here that he is more than likely Dream Theater's best keyboardist, slightly ahead of Kevin Moore.

Don't have Change of Seasons? No need to worry about it now unless you want the covers. On Live Scenes, the band does the entire track flawlessly! Its a pure masterpiece!

There is no way that any fan of the genre could not appreciate this album, especially since its over 3 hours of music. If you like DT even remotely, buy this immediately.