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Infinite wankery, zero substance - 30%

UltraBoris, August 7th, 2002

There seems to be something missing from this album: something that got lost in the technicality - the actual songwriting! Only two songs on here manage to be catchy and coherent, and the rest are a complete muddle. An attempt at prog-rock goes horribly awry as song structure is deemed meaningless in favour of fucking around on instruments, simply because they can.

The two decent songs are "Burning My Soul" and "Peruvian Skies". The rest is completely horrible. "Burning My Soul" actually suckered me into getting this album (gotta love being totally disappointed). Dream Theater can be funny like that - they have one absolutely amazing song ("Pull me Under" from Images and Words) and the rest of the time, they are a completely different band.

If you really like to listen to people that can play technically brilliant music with the approximate feeling of a doorknob, this is the album for you.