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Doesnt deserve the hate that it gets... - 80%

PsyKoCracker, January 25th, 2003

Falling Into Infinity is said by most, to be the worst Dream Theater Album... Though I admit that it is below average for Dream Theater, it still is a very good album...

It does seem quite obvious that the record company strived for popularity in some of the songs, but most are still masterpieces. In the end, FII is probobally the least accessable of all of DT's albums...

The album stats with New Millenium, which I find to be very catchy, and I really do like the intro... It then moves on to "You Not Me," which to me seems like an obvious attempt at accessability. It's an alright song, but below average for DT. Next in line is Peruvian Skies, which is a masterpiece. I found Holllow Years to be slightly boring. Burning my Soul is a great song. Next in line is Hell's Kitchen, and I can honestly say that this song makes the album worthwhile by itself.

Hell's Kitchen is a fantastic instrumental piece that shows incredible emotion in Petrucci's playing.

Hells Kitchen fades into "Lines in the Sand" which is a catchy, and good song.

From here on, the rest of the album gets slightly boring...

Overall, FII is still a brilliant album, it supports some of the best DT songs (Peruvian Skies, Hells Kitchen etc.) but it has it's bad spots. I can see why people may not like it, but I really dont think it deserves to be called a bad album in ANY way...