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Dream Theater Is Dead - 40%

Human666, September 16th, 2011

'A Dramatic Turn Of Events' is the most unsuitable title for Dream Theater's new album.
There is nothing "dramatic" about this album and all the events had already happened
dozens of times before. Mike Mangini, new drummer of the band, isn't noticeable a bit
and sounds exactly like Mike Potrnoy. In fact, he wasn't involved in the writing process
of this album and he's just there to fill the empty void that Portnoy left. Yep, they replaced
an old Mike with a new one!

So what we basically get to listen in this new record? Anything but new tunes, how ironic.
77 minutes full of nothing but sheer technical masturbation that goes nowhere plus generic
and emotionless vocals of Labrie that sings Petrucci's generic and emotionless lyrics.
When "On The Backs Of Angels" first came out as a single I was slightly disappointed.
There wasn't any inspiring riffs or leads, only casual 7 strings heavy distorted guitar
riffs plus some forgettable keyboard's interludes and the usual show offs that Petruccie
is so well known for. Even the chorus didn't sound as catchy as a single should be. All in all
I thought it was quite a meaningless song but I was horrified to discover that this is actually
the best song in the whole album.

Yeah, it doesn't get better than that. The rest of the album is filled with desperate attempts
at composing some mainstream radio hits ('Build Me Up, Break Me Down', 'Far From Heaven' & 'Benath The Surface') beside embarrassing attemps to return to the gold days of 'Images & Words' sophistication and courage that ends up sounding confused and without any direction ('Breaking All Illusions').

The most irritating song in this album, and probably in all Dream Theater's career is without any doubt 'Bridges In The Sky'. It opens with some eerie low guttural sound that precede some weird ecclesiastical A cappella, and then comes some generic power chords riff and the stupid lyrics of Petruccie ("Death survivor...take me higher...reunite my soul". Yeah, whatever.). The chorus is awkward and boring as hell and the technical masturbation that comes later just completley kills this futile song.

It's a shame that this band force themselves to release new music. It's obvious that they lost their inspiration long time ago and they should just stick with their live tours and play their classics. 'A Dramatic Turn of Events' is a new product from a giant trademark named as 'Dream Theater', not a group of musicians that trying to explore and reach new districts in the wonderful world of music, as once was.