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Its an EP, what did you expect?? - 87%

Symphony_Of_Terror, February 17th, 2003

This would be one of the worst albums of Dream Theater if it were a full lenght album, but this is not a full length album, its just an Ep, and for an ep is has some damn good tracks on it. A change of seasons is one of dreams theaters greatest songs ever, it manages to be 23 minutes long and not repetive. The intro and outro acoustic guitars set a great mood, very dark and creepy. The riffs in the song are very metallic, and the singing is dream theater at its best. A great track which can be listened to over and over again.
Another track that stands out is the Led Zeppelin cover track, Dream Theater did a great job covering these three songs. They stuck true to the origonals but added a different feel to the tracks. Overall the tracks are heavyier and more electric than the led zep origonals.
The last track has only one flaw, they didn't sing the chorus from carry on my wayward son by kansas. I was really hoping they would sing this chorus rather than just playing the instrumentals. But other than that the song is great. Overall this is pretty good for an EP, I wish it would of had one or two more origonals on it. The music on it is great, definatly worth a listen. This album is also better than Falling Into Infinity and Images and Words.