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A prog metal masterpiece. - 95%

Minion, September 1st, 2003

A Change of Seasons is absolutely godlike. Pure and simple. It only has one good song, but that doesn't matter, as it's the GREATEST PROG METAL SONG ever made.

A Change of Seasons, the song mentioned earlier, is 23 minutes long. It has everything from godly guitar playing, to phenomenal bass playing, to fantastic drumming, to epic keyboard playing, to powerful vocals. This is an epic, technical song that almost sounds orchestraic, and any fan of prog metal, and indeed, any genre, will find this to be purely amazing. It starts out with a slow, atmospheric guitar melody, then blossoms into a technical warzone, with wild improvisational sections that lead you on one track at one time, then does something completely different every time you yhink you've heard it all, and it never faisl to keep you interested. LaBrie's vocals on it are top-notch and fit the song well, with his high-notes adding feeling and emotion to the song. And of course John Petrucci leads with his soaring licks and dead-on precision.

The rest of the album is a bunch of covers. They suck, but no one is forcing you to listen to them, now, are they? A Change of Seasons is a sensational album well worth it for the title track alone. If you don't have it, go out and buy it right now. I'm serious. I can't explain to you the goodness of this album unless you hear it yourself.