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Surprisingly coherent - 87%

HealthySonicDiet, December 11th, 2003

A Change of Seasons is often thought of as a prog metal masterpiece or even the greatest prog metal song ever, and although it's not my favorite Dream Theater song by any means, it's still very good. After reading the track length for the title track, I thought this would be a total wankfest, but I was sadly mistaken. All the parts of this song fit together like hamburgers and french fries. It begins with an instrumental that gives way to all the other parts of the songs, each one having it's own identity.

The lyrics deal with personal growth, life, and the arrival of the next generation and they are some of DT's best. I also enjoy how the first part is called The Crimson Sunrise and the last section is called The Crimson Sunset. How appropriate!

After this, it's just a bunch of covers, covering everyone from Elton John to Queen. The only one I'm really interested in is the Led Zeppelin medley, which has the songs The Rover, Achilles Last Stand, and The Song Remains the Same. They don't do such a bad job on it. In fact, I think Labrie tackled the vocals pretty well, especially for The Song Remains the Same. The guitars are a little heavier on all songs of the medley, but nothing can beat the originals. I just wish they would've played some Zep songs that were a little more popular, such as Stairway to Heaven or The Ocean.

The only real part of The Big Medley that I look forward to listening to is the part covering Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas. They play the guitar parts almost flawlessly, but I'm very disappointed that Labrie didn't sing it. He could've pulled it off. :shakes head:

Well, this has some killer music for an EP. I certainly have never heard of an EP having a 20+ minute song, much less one that is considered a masterpiece. Hell, chronologically, this is a full album. Man, Dream Theater never ceases to impress me. Are they capable of putting out a bad album? :ponders: