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If you like DT then you'll love the covers - 100%

Diablo, December 12th, 2005

Everyone else on this page has gone at it reviewing the main song on this ep. Nobody gave the covers a fair chance. So I'll concentrate on the songs 2-5 for the purpose of giving this ep. the credit it deserves.

First off, the song Change of season is one of Dream Theater's greatest of a long list of masterpieces. It is a rollecoster of emotions; high points, low points, great solos, instrumental all played with great virtuasity. No other singer can touch James LaBrie, his voice is pure gold. This guy is the star of this album.

Funeral for a friend/ Love lies bleeding, is a song originally recorded by Elton John and the opener on the "Goodbuy yellow brick road" album. Writen by him and Bernie Taupin. The differences between this one and the one covered by DT is not a whole lot . Only James voice brings it back to life in a whole different being and Derek Sherinian improves the synth/piano intro on Funeral for a friend. Although Dream theater covered and made it their tune you can tell it has that stamp of Elton John on it. It has that "sounds very 70's" sound.

Perfect strangers, originaly from the newly reunited Deep Purple's album "perfect strangers". I'm guessing DT wanted to show that they were not casual fans of Deep Purple by recording this song. This one is really faithfull to the original only this time James steps into grounds I wish he didn't step into often. His voice wasn't made for imitating Gillan. Only Gillan can do Gillan. Besides that a very good tune and neatly done.

Track # 4, I'll call this the Zeppelin medley. Very unusual choices out of all the great songs in Zep's catalogue, but hey! this is Dream Theater we're talking about; they can make any song great. "The Rover" is a song out of the"Physical Graffitti" album, a real groovy tune with a good groovy opening riff. Only the intro is used. Then there's Achilles last stand, very good song out of the "Presence" album. But only a mid section of the song is used, too bad cause this song rules. And last but not least "The song remains the same" from the"houses of Holy album", you know the one with the naked children on the cover climbing what it seems like an apocalyptic pile of rocks under a pale red sky. This could be Zep's most prog sounding song ever. On this song James proves you can sound like Robert Plant without sounding stupid, and not blowing your vocal chords (listen to Vinnie Vincent's first album or any Kingdome come album for reference). John Petricci nails those solos as if he had been possessed by Jimmy Page's soul. This medley is very entertaining and rocks the socks off any Led Zeppelin fan in need of a re-charge.

The last song is also a medley titled" The big Medley" It first contains the opening song or intro from Pink Floyd's "The Wall", In the Flesh?. In my opinion this song lacks something the original had, that is the vocals. The original sounded so much better because James LaBrie always tries to make everything sound big and operatic and this intro didn't need that. Besides that it sounds identical to the original. Then comes Kansas "Carry on my wayward son". Or lets say the intrumental after the opening chorus of the song. Not much to say here only that I would had added a bit more of this song to the medley, atleast the opening verses. Then there's Bohemian Rhapsody. Who the hell doesn't know this song?; Guiness song of the century. The part added to this medley is the one after all the opera singers say "Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me, for me, for me". Yeah you know, the hard rock part up till' they are about to sing that nothing really matters. Then comes Journeys "Loving, touching squeezing" and let me tell you something; it takes balls to try and cover a song sang by Steve Perry and played by Neal Schon. This is one of those songs (or section of a song) that I'm glad they didn't messed up. James does a decent Steve Perry and Pretrucci plays a great Schon. Then come "Cruise control". I really don't know who originally played this song and really doesn't bothers me not knowing it either. It is a less than a minute long instrumental that uplifts the song from ballad to mid tempo. Last is "Turn it on again" by Genesis. Not much to say here only that it is a two line chorus to end this medley on happy terms.

I'd say all this and a 23 minute Dream Theater masterpiece deserves the rank i gave it.