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Possibly the greatest Prog-Metal epic - 84%

CrowTRobot, July 11th, 2003

I'm going to ignore the 2nd half of this album and get straight to the important part: the title track. A Change of Seasons (or ACOS for short) is an impressive and complex piece of work from this talented prog-metal quintet, and clocking in at twenty-five minutes, it's fairly easy to see that a bit of thought went into this. There are seven distinct parts to this song, and each one is significantly different than the last, which helps to hold one's interest through this incredible journey. I greatly prefer the instrumental sections over those including James Labrie, who, impressive range aside, sounds a bit unsure of his vocal ability.

Anyone who has serious doubts concerning DT's right to be called a metal outfit will realize just how heavy they can play, while at the same time, avoiding repetitive riffs and boring compositions that plague more than a few contemporary metal bands. I'm constantly amazed by the production of this album, with each instrument sounding crystal clear, and the atmospheric effects actually adding atmosphere, as opposed to taking up a void in the background.

What else is there to say about Dream Theater that hasn't already been said? Talented? Sure. Innovative? Without question. Finished? Satisfied with their already astounding discography? I think not. I can't wait for future releases from a band that so willingly embraces a dying genre.