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Fire! Battle! In Metal! - 95%

Glasylabolas, May 5th, 2009

Only recently have I been introduced to this powerful band, and I am extremely glad that I was. Dream Evil is a classic speed/power metal band that will bring harmony to the otherwise bland mass of utter shit (Waking The Cadaver, I'm looking at you).

Vocals: Niklas has always had a great voice, and on this album he bolsters that fact considerably. His voice drives powerful melody into the music, his singing soaring above and beyond the call of duty. His lyrics are sometimes corny, but it is a very small price to pay for being treated to his skill.

Guitars: Fredrik and Daniel both crank out some great riffs in this album, the drop D tuning enabling them to add melody and still stay heavy throughout their songs. They command respect on this album with shredding solos and matching melodies that accentuate the vocals in a wonderful way. The soloing is not only fast and technical, but it also adds even more melody to the songs.

Bass: While Peter may not be high profile in the songs, he does manage to add some great atmosphere and add depth to the double bass rhythms grace this album. The basslines are flawless, and they flow very well with the music.

Drums: Pat is a drum machine with a heart; his rhythms are powerful and perfect, and his beats will blow a hole in your chest. His double bass and snare patterns match the guitar very well, and proves to pump anyone up in no time!

Overall: This is one of the most solid bands I have heard so far. All of the musicians are incredibly skilled and work very, very well with each other. The songs are very distinctive and original, with inspiring riffs and beats that will have you playing along happily.