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No Snowy, No Gus, No Problem - 90%

Flamos, May 29th, 2009

This is Dream Evil’s fourth full-length effort, and many are skeptical. Mainly because of the line-up change. Through this bands existence the band has maintained the same line-up. With Gus G. and Snowy Shaw both departing (arguably the most famous band members) this bands existence felt shady.

However, you’re doubts will be dispelled rather quickly. Pat Power is a better drummer than Snowy Shaw (yes, I did just say that) and Markus Black is every bit as talented as Gus. G. An line-up questions need to be destroyed, because it’s not worth arguing. “Fire! Battle! In Metal!” opens the record, which is also the single. Another metal anthem to add to the Dream Evil collection and it’s a good one. “United” is my favorite song here, really good vocals from NIklas Isfeldt. The entire record contains amazing vocal work, like all Dream Evil records. “Evilution” is awesome in every sense of the word. This record has a similar feel to “Evilized,” it’s just much better. Not as much filler and it doesn’t feel rushed. “Let Me Out” is a speedy track with great drum work, cool bass from Peter Stalfors too. “Higher on Fire” and “Kingdom at War” are both mid-tempo tracks, both of them are nothing special but not bad. “Love is Blind” is one of the better Dream Evil ballads, which isn’t saying much but it’s good. “Falling” has odd lyrics, but the overall feel is speedy and heavy, which is nice. “Back From the Dead” and “Doomlord” are both repetitive and uninteresting, very disappointing and some of the worst Dream Evil songs. “My Number One” is a cover of a song from someone I’ve never heard, but it’s actually good.

One thing to notice is the improved songwriting. Mainly from the departure of Snowy Shaw, who did most of the writing for the band. New energy has been pumped into this band, and I love it. We all know previously the writing was weak, but you will enjoy it here. However cracks still show in songs like “Falling.” Overall though, much improved. The production is also improved over previous efforts.

This band got a kick in the ass and delivered. With the new members etching their names in Dream Evil history, and the much improved song writing this bands future is brighter than the sun. To be honest, you won’t be missing Gus G. and Snowy Shaw. There is a minimal amount of filler here unlike “Evilized.” This arguably the best Dream Evil record so far, worth a purchase if you’re a fan of the band or just checking them out.