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Do you want fries with that? - 70%

StillDeath, October 21st, 2004

Well, this latest album from Dream Evil has got me scratching my head. Is it the same band doing all these songs? The vocalist sounds like four different people in one. The Book has chapters of party rock (Let’s Make Rock, Only For the Night), traditional metal (title track, No Way) and power metal (The Mirror). When you open the booklet, these guys look so tough and metal and … something else. That face paint really ruins their image, dear Lord I am gonna puke, just had a Mudvayne flashback.

The opening title track is a thumping mid-paced Ac/Dc-like headbanger, also released as a single. The guitars rip the place apart, then there is a nice break with “to be or not to be”. The vocalist delivers so much power in his voice and electricity in his screams detonate on impact with the speakers. “Metaaaaaaalllll”. Fuck yeah.

The spectacular entries are the ballads. They have a similar vocal delivery and here is where Dream Evil demonstrate their uniqueness. Crusaders’ Anthem – catchy anthemic track with slow pace picking up into a sing along chorus. This is a song that will be most likely to stay with you after the first listen. Two tracks down- Tired, opens up fast, again the instruments slow down for the verses, and reappear at the chorus. Really catchy stuff, the vocals carry both tracks, a la Avantasia. Also, the closer Unbreakable Chain – this one is a pure ballad, with soaring vocals and instruments somewhere in the background, however the whole thing is so well orchestrated that it turns out as the epic track on the album.

The album is consistent; there are no glaring skippers. It sometimes does feel that some tracks do not belong due to different vocal styles adopted and due to not bad music in places, just a mediocre and pedestrian one (see party rock tracks). The overall result is that the gut-wrenchingly beautiful is placed so close to simplistic and a little too simplistic, and right now I am pissed off at what could have been.

Recommended, I am left intrigued with Dream Evil and will check out more of their work.