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Don't Need No Flashy House, No car or Ugly Wife - 75%

Madman, August 15th, 2004

By now I'm sure you know who Dream Evil are but just in case you don't I'll say this, cheesy metal with big name metal producer Fredrik Nordstrom, ex-Mercyful Fate/King Diamond drummer Snow Shaw, and guitarist of a million bands Gus G.

This new album is the obvious progression for Dream Evil. The band started out on Dragonslayer in 2002 playing straight up power metal with moments that harkened to the 80's that was much too cheesy for some (Heavy Metal Jesus anyone?). Last year the band came out with their new album, (less than a year since the first was released) Evilized, which pushed the more traditional 80's metal elements to the forefront, sounding less like Hammerfall and the like. Now here we have The Book of Heavy Metal, there is NO power metal here. Yes, that's right, none whatsoever.

This album is pure straight up 80's heavy metal. Think early 80's Judas Priest, with a heavy leaning towards British Steel with some touches of Manowar and Def Leppard (most notably the track Let's Make Rock). The lyrics are still cheesy as all hell too, I mean just look at Let's Make Rock, The Sledge, and the title track. The cheese isn't really a bad thing and I know I never hated that element of their music but I know MANY people who find the cheese element too overpowering.

Another thing to take notice of with this album is the lack of speed. There are no fast double bass songs here. For some this might make things a bit boring but there is still dynamics on the album and it never feels like the songs are running together.

I think this review is long enough already but just to give a bit better idea I'll say that with this album you will get a solid heavy metal album. From Judas Priest to Ozzy (some of the vocals in No Way) to even a touch of arena bands (Let's Make Rock).

It's a good, no frills heavy metal album that you can lose yourself in, headbang, and feel the power of metal.