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Excellent musicianship, but gets stereotypical - 87%

Mr Matt, February 28th, 2018

"Dragonslayer" is a power metal classic, maybe even essential. Gus G., as always, does amazing guitar work on this album, utilizing many different tunings (but mostly drop D on most of the songs) to fit the tone of the song. Anyone who thinks metal is all "evil and satanic and not real music and the musicians are talentless" should listen to this. The album cover to "Dragonslayer" is not bloody and shocking, but one that would make fantasy fans go "Whoa! Awesome!" As for the music, one could also tell a metal hater that they actually sing in this album because the vocalist on this album is fabulous.

My personal favorite song off "Dragonslayer" is "The Prophecy". My favorite part about it is the key change in the guitar solo. (The guitar tuning on this song is drop D so the key played that it would sound like in standard tuning would be a whole step down, so D minor for example would sound like C minor.) The first part of the guitar solo contains arpeggios, then suddenly (after a transition using a diminished arpeggio lick), BOOM! This evil-sounding, yet musically awesome, key change to D minor (E minor if it was in standard tuning).

My only complaint about this album is that at some point, many songs just don't "pull you in" as much as "The Prophecy", "Chasing The Dragon", and "Kingdom Of The Damned ". You got those songs that are totally epic and "pulls you in", then it's just kind of easy to lose interest. I liked it, but almost phased out when listening to it for the first time. I like the songs, but they just get a little... stereotypical. Typical musical qualities you can expect in just about all metal music but simplified. Doesn't mean it wasn't good, but it's easy to lose interest.

In closing, this is a great album if you are looking to listen to a few songs (unless you are a die-hard power metal fan and can't help but listen to the whole album). I really loved it and the songs were very creative (except in a few places). If you are going to show this to a friend, I would show them the exciting songs first if they aren't a die-hard power metal fan.