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The Most Metal Animal: The Dragon - 85%

Flamos, May 20th, 2009

When you run into a metal band who’s main lyrical themes are warriors, dragons, self confidence, and metal itself, you know what this will end up being. Some uplifting power metal with nothing special to offer. We’ve all been there, finding a band that sounds and looks really cool but ends up being a disappointment.

Dream Evil’s debut begins with the song “Chasing the Dragon,” a catchy opener with soaring vocals from Niklas Isfeldt “In Flames You Burn” opens with a nice acoustic passage and blows up with bombarding drum work and heavy hooks. “The Prophecy” is a faster track, typical of the genre, but it’s still quite good. Of course, horses, steel, power, metal, and beasts are the lyrical them here. “The Chosen Ones” is probably this bands most popular song, for good reason. It’s the best on here with it’s ballad like feel and emotional tacks here and there.

“Losing You” isn’t too bad, but it lacks the magic the rest of the album has.. “Heavy Metal in the Night” is one of the anthems here, which leads me to one of the oddest songs I’ve ever listened to. “H.M.J. (Heavy Metal Jesus) is about, well, a heavy metal Jesus. Without analyzing the lyrics, this song is absolutely nothing special. However, it’s so funny it’s hard not to like. Odd, but enjoyable. “Hail to the King” is also pretty good, but it also lakes quality like “Losing You.”

The Production is strong, everything is audible, no problems there. Snowy Shaw is here on drums. I’ve never liked Snowy Shaw, very overrated drummer. However, I must admit he does a good job here. Peter Stalfors is a great bass player, actually one of my favorites. Fredrik Nordstrom and Gus G. (whose considered to be one of today’s top shredders) are both fantastic guitar players. A great duo who perform well together, all the main riffs on this album are catchy in some way. As I mentioned earlier, Niklas Isfeldt is an amazing singer. His powerful, soaring, and productive voice drives this album to a new level.

This album is catchy as hell and will be stuck in your head. The overall feel of this is monotonous and somewhat overdone, but I suppose that’s all in the fun. This is a solid record and worth checking out for sure. Just try not to take it too seriously, great purchase.