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The taste of metal... - 90%

Dragonslayer, August 2nd, 2002

Based on the music, this is a fantastic album, one of the best power metal albums I have heard and probably my favorite album so far of 2002. It does have a couple of weird flaws that I will detail later.
The music is top notch, especially the great guitars with lots of fast and intricate work throughout. The singer is also very good. At no time was I left needed more musicianship.
A few of the lyrics seem to be Christian themed and certainly the song "H.M.J." (Heavy Metal Jesus) is Christian themed. However it's not preachy, I don't even call it Christian metal, it's just there. If you are a Christian you will probably appreciate it and if you are not Christian you will probably not notice it.
The songs together tell a tale, not so oddly about hunting and killing a dragon. However the songs seem to be out of order. In #1 they spot a dragon. In songs #2-5 they are fighting and chasing the dragon back to it's homeland. In song #6 they return home conquering heroes having killed the dragon. Then in song #8 they are back arriving in the dragon's homeland ready to fight it, this really confused me. I think song #6 should be at the end of the album. The song in question is "The Chosen Ones" and is the best song on the album so perhaps they sacrificed the storyline to move it to the heart of the album.
As stated above "The Chosen Ones" is the best song on the album, it's theme about the glory of conquering heroes is a recurrent theme in power metal and one that I personally cannot get enough of. "Chasing the Dragon", the album's opener is also stand out as is "Losing You" the album's power ballad. In several places the word usage on the album is odd, I think the lyricist might not have a complete grasp on the English language. The lyrical themes are of might, glory and dragons found so often in power metal. These types of lyrics usually have people loving it or hating it, I am sure you already know to which category you fall. Personally I love it.
Pointing out the couple of small flaws is just nit picking on my part, this is a phenominal album and if you like power metal you should pick this one up.