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Dungeons and Dragons - 88%

CrystalMountain, October 4th, 2007

You know I had always thought that Dream Evil were just a laughably terrible band, that played nothing but cheesey, fluffy weak power metal. But after giving them a chance and listening to this album in it's entirety I realize these guys kick ass. I mean they have such a reputation of being cheesey beyond belief, but the music(at least on this album) is seriously good and seriously heavy most of the time. Lyrically they sound like they spent too much time in their parents basement playing D&D and listening to Sign of the Hammer, but it's all in good fun.

These guys are all great musicians as well. Some of the best, heaviest riffs I've heard from a modern band. And the drumming is always spot on. I do think their vocalist suffers a little bit from James Labrie/Joacim Cans syndrome, in that he has a pretty good voice and he's very technically sound, but he doesn't really have alot of range. And sometimes his voice is just TOO clear and comes off a little bland, but that's being pretty harsh because most of the time the guy kicks ass. And his sense for melody is awesome, tons of catchy as hell choruses to be found on here.

I'll give a quick run-thru of my favorite songs off the album:

The aptly titled In Flames You Burn kicks serious ass, probably my favorite song on the album. After a nice little accoustic intro(their vocalist sounds great here) the song kicks into high gear and turns speed metal on us. Awesome verses and an even better chorus, this is really heavy, quality power metal here. Near the end the music kinda stops and a shredding solo comes in, awesome awesome song and one of my favorite power metal songs ever.

Save Us is a nice heavy rocker like Chasing the Dragon only a little better, with a nice driving rythym. Although the vocal melody in the verses does seem a bit akward, they make up for it with great riffs and I love that part where he goes "you got to fight!" and a heavy chug comes in. Kingdom of the Damned is another great power metal song, very infectious chorus and some great riffs and melodies.

The Chosen Ones is incredibly epic, like mid era Blind Guardian in it's epicness. Very over the top, ridiculous lyrics but I love it. That solo is crazy, very inventive and with a great sense of melody. Heavy Metal in the Dark is about as cheesey as you might expect a song with that title to be. The verses have an awesome driving rythym that sounds like an army marching swiftly to battle. Some really heavy riffs and a nice vocal delivery. And Hail to the King closes off the album nicely, another heavy rocker.

I would definetly reccomend this album to anyone who likes Hammerfall, Gamma Ray, Nocturnal Rites, etc. Just good, heavy power metal(not too fluffy because it still has some balls.) Just put this album in and rock out.