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The Cheesy Ones - 85%

Chuckus, August 17th, 2004

Normally im not a big fan of power metal, infact i loathe it, but this is one of the few records that has won me over. I dont know why, but Dream Evil just have this brilliant, catchy and cheesy style of music that you cant say no too. Where this album does it for me is that i dont think they are taking themselves seriously in their cheesy lyrics( see Heavy Metal Jesus, The Chosen Ones, Heavy Metal in The Night) as opposed to other bads ie. Blind Gaurdian.

The instruments arent playing anything ground-breaking however they know how to write a great riff, such as The Profecy and Heavy Metal in the Night. The drums have some nices kick patterns in Save Us and are constant throughout. The vocals are my kind of power vocals, the ability to sing in a relativly normal key( ie. not 3octaves higher) however songs like Losing You do nothing for me.

All in all this is a good cheesy, mostly fast paced offering. Where as i cant stand Blind Gaurdian bands as such because of their stupid lyrics, choir vocals, hyper speeds and serious attitude, Dream Evil play a more 80's fast catchy and definatly tounge in cheek brand of Power/Heavy metal.