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Remarkable !!! - 100%

flowergatherer, June 26th, 2006

Although I`m not a gothic metal fan at all, i still enjoy this album a lot. To me it`s the best of all Dreadful Shadows releases.

Firstly, It`s more guitar-oriented album unlike the rest that are more based on keyboard themes. The keyboards are used here too, but for the most part they introduce and close songs. Guitar melodies are very skilled and simple, that strikes you right from the second song Over the Worst- very unusual track mostly consisting of lead parts. Acoustics are also added, so good melodies don`t escape us here again. The music possesses this atmospheric feel that makes you dream and imagine. It is masterly performed and thanks to good execution has a very distinct sound.

Secondly, this release simply bursts with hits. Almost every song is a potential hit, sounds incredible but it`s true. There are a couple of beautiful ballads like Funeral Procession and Estrangement ( a real hymn to solitude). Being a bit simple in stucture songs aren`t repetitive. Moreover they display different guitar playing techniques in every song if you listen the album song by song from the start.

And lastly Sven`s voice is more melodic here and even tranquil, unlike their other albums where he tends to more harsh singing variation.He sings in a deep clean voice.

This is a very sincere album, you can feel melancholy and sadness the musicians wanted to convey to you in every note. I would include this album in the list of the best music i`ve ever heard. I wish I ever hear something that would impress me so much.